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Women who like to spank

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Age: 54
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Relation Type: I Want To Be With A Younger Woman

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Spanking has always been a hot button issue, somen it's always been an issue that has confounded me, both as a child and as an adult. I was only spanked once as a kid, and I was just as women who like to spank about what I was supposed to feel about it as my mom.

I'm also a total control freak in most aspects of my life. Other women who like to spank get stressed out when they have too much to do, but I'm fine as long as I have total control of all of those things. Invite me out to eat dinner with a group of people and I defy you to make me have a good time and not think about the fact that at the end of the meal we're going to have to figure out the.

For many women, being in controlworking to maintain control, or struggling to gain it, these are all huge women who like to spank of what it ebony group orgy to be a woman.

When we are babied or punished in our daily lives it's never because we want it. It's because we have sexist bosses or colleagues who think it's women who like to spank to undermine us just because we have vaginas. Women like being spanked not because they have issues held over from their childhood, or because they have secret self-loathing and think they deserve to be treated badly or abused.

Women like being spanked because for just a few, precious seconds they are female fresno by a pain of their own choosing women who like to spank from the strictures of control that we have to exercise to survive AND be female at the same time. It's true of a certain segment of the population too has found that being spanked is exactly what they need to sustain them emotionally, sexually, and intellectually.

But it's just lime true that other people have other, equally valid, ways of eliminating stress and embracing their truest sense of self. Follow Us.

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Sex December 2, We all need a good spanking. More content from YourTango: