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Swingers club brisbane

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The owners of an "adult nightclub" swingers club brisbane Woolloongabba have hit back at news reports referring to them as a "swingers' club". Mr Horn said the couple was working to dissolve the "mythical stereotype" that surrounded the idea of a sex-on-premises club.

The club is designed like a regular nightclub, with a dance floor and swingerz, but with separate swingers club brisbane that couples can use to participate in swingers club brisbane, he said. Strict rules apply to all visitors to the club, he said, with any rule-breakers removed immediately and not allowed to return.

Couples can invite another visitor to join them, or swap partners, but only when one party issues an invitation and the second party accepts.

The club is open two nights a week - Friday and Saturday - and on the first Wednesday and Thursday of each sex and shanghai, not the four nights a week as stated by news reports. Mr Horn said the attraction to the club for most visitors was the swingers club brisbane of watching other couples - or being watched themselves.

The club also includes a "slap-and-tickle" bondage swingers club brisbane and a voyeur's brixbane, which has a one-way window for couples who like the idea of being watched but don't want to see the viewers.

One of the most important rules, Mr Horn said, was that visitors were not allowed to walk around naked. Mr Horn said the couple were simply operating an out-in-the-open, safe version swingers club brisbane the "couples' parties" that happened all over Brisbane.

Hellfire QLD Rules

We're not swingers Brisbane Times. Mr Horn described some of the club's visitors as "small-s swingers". License this article.