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I Wants Sex Meet How many sexual partners have you had

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How many sexual partners have you had

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That, and what their number meant to.

Hey Lily, how many people have you slept with? Recently I've been quite monogamous. Twenty-six is the last number I can remember, and that was probably from when I was Since then I've been in relationships, with probably another four or five people between the relationships.

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So we can safely say around How would you describe your sex life in general? Well this is a strange one because I had a strange thing with sexuality—I became sexually active quite young. I thought I was gay.

So did you do a lot of experimenting when you were younger? A lot more then, than.

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When I was younger I feel like it was a thing you know, young people just feel like they need to make lists, keep hwd. Girls had lists.

How do you feel about your number? When I was younger it was a pride thing.

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People got into smoking, having sex. Who is that? I am I have time to focus on my career, art, and other things I want to do in my life.

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A bunch report sleeping with 10 or However you stack up, just remember: We don't have data for people under the age of What's your gender? Male Female How old are you?

How many sex partners have you had since age 18? Data based on answers from more than 13, Americans in the General Social Survey, - I lied.

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For those who identify as men, the average number of sexual partners was The average number of sexual partners for those who identify as women was a bit lower, coming in at It's worth noting that these numbers are much higher than many previous studies, including one Superdrug, previously reported on by INSIDERthat put women at an average of seven and men at an average of housewives looking nsa Pennsbury Village. Studies have shown that men often increase their "number" while women decrease theirs when asked, which can say a lot about our attitudes towards sex and gender.

Also, "sexual partners" and "sex" can often mean different things how many sexual partners have you had different people, especially depending on their sexuality.

So although we can only go off of what people respond to in surveys like this, it's definitely worth noting that these numbers can often be inflated based on who you ask. After reading all that data did you immediately compare it to your number?

I know I did. While it's all too easy to compare yourself to others in every aspect of life, it's incredibly important to note that there paartners no "normal" when it comes to the amount of sexual partners you "should" have and sharing your "number" is up to you.

It's easy to compare the amount of sexual partners you've had with how many others have. According to a recent survey, here's how many. HAVE you had as many sexual partners as the average woman? These ladies have revealed how many men they have really slept with. Finding out your partner has slept with loads of people is actually enough to send us running down the How would you describe your sex life in general? So did you do a lot of experimenting when you were younger?.

All that matters is that you are having safe and consensual sex that makes you happy. Sarah Fielding.

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